This program helps you manage Cases by documenting findings (Factors), collaborate with your team using Tasks and Forum and contains all relevant files regarding your Subject, Target and the overall risk. Its a database of your assessments and investigations to maintain control of your risk.

Setting up your Account
  1. Determine your Team (Gold and Platinum accounts). Add team members with appropriate Roles.
    • Super Admin: Add/edit team members; Able to add cases; All features access
    • Admin: Able to add new cases; All features access except edit team members
    • User: Able to add Factors, Tasks, Forum, Resources and Files; can't add edit team or add new Cases

2. Configure your Sectors or just use the default ones till customization is desired. See below explanation of Sectors.

3. Add Resources. This is a repository for frequently used resources or services such as the local domestic violence shelter, background check services and security guard officers.

Assessing a Case
  1. Click on New Case (Super Admin and Admins only); fill out fields appropriately
    • Status : Status of the Case Assessment
    • Urgency : General level of severity or danger.*
    • Owner List : Team Member Case Owner
    • Case Image : Choose image to represent the case
  2. Subject : Enter all relevant information about the Subject, person of concern or threatening party
  3. Target : Enter all relevant information about the Target, the threat victim or endangered party
  4. Enter any critical findings, warning signs, data points as a Factors.
    • Title : Shows as pop up when you mouse over any data point.
    • Description: the details
    • Rank* the Factor for its "severity" (1-10) to provide a general determination of danger. 10 indicating something that promotes greater risk and 1 being less consequential.
    • Sector: Categorizes the Factors. Each Sector shows as a section or "slice" in the Target Chart.  The default Sectors can be utilized or you can add/edit/delete any of them.  Select the Manage Sectors Tab to configure your selection of Sectors. Every Case can have its unique set of Sectors.
      Examples: A Social Media Sector can host all the online posts, comments, images and videos. A History Sector can include all relevant previous behaviors including any criminal charges. A Status Sector can include information about their health, job changes or economic well being.

      The key feature of the Target Chart is that it plots all the warning signs on single diagram, illustrating the overall risk in a single view, seeing the Big Picture.

    • Source: This refers to where the data was obtained for verification. It can be a person, website, record, online posting or link.
    • Occurrence Date: Allows the Factor to be plotted on the Timeline Chart to track a Subject's behavior or events that impact them.  Future events can be added to anticipate Subject's response (example: pending court date).

      The Timeline can show patterns and anticipate future action.  Threatening behaviors that increase in severity and frequency is a critical Red Flag. 

    • You have the option to have any Factor show on both, either or none of the Charts.
  5. FilesStore any relevant documents pertinent to the case. Images can be used as the overall Case image, for the Subject or Targets.
  6. Tasks: Create a To Do list, set deadlines and assign to team members to ensure all investigation, assessment, security and support measures are conducted.  Every User will have a table of their assigned tasks on their main Dashboard tab.
  7. Forum: Communicate, discuss, argue, speculate and converse with other Users. This provides only a supplemental means of discourse aside from Team meetings.
  8. Charts show the overall threat, quickly determining the general risk by the placement of the Factors on the Target Chart.  The more Factors placed near the middle indicate a greater danger. The Timeline Chart provides a chronological view of the Subject's behavior and incidents that impacted the threat momentum.

* The ranking the severity of a "Factor" (or in the general Urgency of the case) is based on the user's experience and training. It is the user's or team's judgement that determines the ranking.  The program does not determine risk but gives the tools for experienced investigators to make that discernment.

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